The sixth "golden crane Award" awards ceremony and the gathering activities notice

Sponsored by China Digital Photographers Association, Beijing Jishan International Cultural Media Co., Ltd., and sponsored by Photographers Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Tiannuo Equipment Co., Ltd., Beijing Green Light Network Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan Dongcheng Saifutu Photography Equipment Factory, Zhongshan Koman Photography Equipment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Street Technology Limited Company, Shenzhen Tianshuo Technology Co., Ltd., Nubian Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Fengbiao Technology International Co., Ltd., Guangdong Bainuo Precision Industry (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd., Germany Wright Industry (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., China Photography Network, National Geographic Magazine, Chinese Artists Magazine, Sina Aipai, etc. The 6th "Golden Crane Award" was co-sponsored and supported by enterprises, media units and websites, such as Lifetide, Western Style Magazine, European Photography Society, European Photography Network, Australian Sydney Digital Photographers Association, Chinese Art Photographers Association, Chinese Art Photography Publishing House, Tenglong Shanghai Optics and so on. The National Digital Photography Competition was successfully concluded on July 3, 2016 in the conference room on the second floor of Block A of Beijing Chemical Industry Publishing House.

This "golden Crane" national digital photography competition takes the theme of "one belt and one road to build a dream China" as the theme. It publicizes the national strategy of "one belt and one road", carries forward the Chinese aesthetics, pays attention to social life, interprets beautiful things with photographic dreams, assists the "Chinese dream", and displays the magnificent poems of the motherland by photography. It reflects the cultural heritage, natural scenery, geographical features, folk customs, people's livelihood, customs and customs of China and the world, and shows the charm of China to the world.

The contest lasted 5 months and received a total of all provinces, cities, regions, associations (Shanhaiguan Photographers Association, Changsha Portrait Association, Fuzhou Pingyi Environmental Art Design Co., Ltd., Dayang Image Club, Dalian Changli Digital Club, Shanxi Dragon Shadow Club, Jinggang Tourism Picture Network Fule, Inner Mongolia Quaker Art Factory Organizations and overseas Chinese from Canada, the United States and Italy jointly participated in the contest. A total of 11,182 photographers participated in the contest, including 9,452 official forum topics, 16,174 paintings received, 14,926 mailboxes received, 9,839 paintings received by Sina Aipai, and a total of 40,939 drawings (group) received. The latest record of the golden crane Awards

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