Which is more important, equipment and ideas?

Time goes on and on, it makes us grow and change our appearance; photography, it records the fleeting ordinary things in our daily life, and transforms the ordinary into immortal visual images. Have you ever thought of using your mobile phone to record your most authentic appearance and let silent images tell you the traces and stories of time?

On July 23, the opening ceremony and award ceremony of "Hello, My Way - 99 Chinese Portrait Stories" mobile phone photography was officially held in the "Yue Lang" exhibition hall of 798 Ullens Art Center in Beijing. The exhibition was hosted by Tucworm. com and co-sponsored by Huawei Mobile Phone. With 99 real and vivid faces, 11 photographers tell us the ordinary and unique life stories brought by time.

The exhibition works are all taken by Huawei P9 mobile phone. This exhibition combines modern photography with classical traditional export technology. It makes people believe that through the historical corridor of more than 170 years, the image is not only an objective record, but also a reflection of their own views and feelings. He also makes people think: Is it the equipment in the hands of the photographer or the cultural background and ideas of the photographer that is important in photography?

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